Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Finally it has arrived - The Nativity Stable Freebie

Well lots of you have been asking for this, and this morning I woke up and thought today was the day I would give it a go...  you know how you always put off those hard things...  Strangely it didn't take me to long once I got going, and I hope you like the finished result.

You can put as many or as few of my Nativity images in and around the stable, remember if you are adding the images in a graphics program to use the png versions of my images.  I did a quick try to make sure it looked okay and it worked fine.
In the download which you get by clicking on the top most image, you will receive, a coloured image in both jpg and png, and a digi stamp image in both formats as well.  I hope this doesn't come to late for all you Christmas crafting needs, but if so I guess there is always next year...

Right I'm off to make a few more cards now, and just maybe one or two might have a Nativity scene... who knows...

Happy Crafting,

hugs Janie xxx

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Gingerbread Man and a Half Freebie

Before I begin I want to apologise for not posting last week, and I want to say a big thank you to Joan for the e-mail that mad me realise that I was being a little silly for letting something that was beyond my control stop me doing something that I enjoy.

My husband insisted I post something immediately, when I said I hadn't been blogging, and he chose this image, and then realised that he didn't like part of it...  lol

I call today's freebie Gingerbread Man and a Half, it is the half that Stuart objects to for some reason.  In the download you will receive in colour 1 full gingerbread man, and one half eaten gingerbread man in both jpg and png formats.  Also, you will receive 1 full gingerbread man, and one half eaten gingerbread man jpg and png digi stamp.

I will try to be a little better at posting, after all it is the Season of Goodwill...

hugs Janie xx

Friday, 19 November 2010

More Christmas Tickets Freebie

Hi all, today's freebie is a little different as there is no Digi Stamp attached, in fact it's just a sheet of A4 jpg images, all 300dpi as usual with my freebies.  I know I put up some Christmas Tickets a couple of blogs ago, but as I said they were drawn a while ago, and for this year I wanted to try to be a little more creative.  As with the other tickets I made these for my own use, but liked them so much that I just had to share...

Stuart likes them to, well apart from the one with Trevor the Turkey on  ~snigger~.  The Tickets/Toppers come in three different sizes on the sheet, and are all images I have previously drawn.
I hope you like this as much as I do, regardless of what Stuart says about Trevor...  he still doesn't get my sense of humour. 

Have fun, 
hugs Janie xxx

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Rudy Freebie

Hi all, hope you are all happy and well.  Today's freebie is the one and only red nosed reindeer, and goodness what a large and very red nose he has.  In the download you will receive Rudy in all his coloured glory in both jpg and png formats and also in the same formats you will get the lovely digi stamp image for you to colour in however you wish.  I hope you enjoy using this image...  I think he will brighten up anyone's day.

I had a not so subtle comment about copying images in my comments section in my last post.   I would never deliberately copy another person's work, and I did go check out the images in question and I was surprised to find a great similarity between our designs.  All I can say, is that great minds can think alike, and I am sorry if the lady who commented felt slighted in any way. 

I would prefer anyone with concerns of this sort to write to me via e-mail, which is posted on the right hand side of my blog at all times, so that any problems can be cleared up without the need for posting on each others comments section.  

Thank you again for all comments, I enjoy reading (most of) them.

Happy Crafting,

hugs Janie xxx

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Christmas Tickets Freebie

Wow, the weather is certainly rather inclement at the moment, blustery, windy and chilly.  In fact if I had those symptoms I would be straight off to the doctors for some of his nice sunny pills, but alas we can't do that for mother nature so we must endure.  Still when its horrible outside, it's great for crafting inside, so with that in mind I offer you today some Christmas Tickets. 
I made these quite a while ago, and never really planned to offer them as a freebie, but I have really enjoyed using them, especially using all the many different paper altering techniques around, like Tim Holtz products, mica sprays, glitters, chalks etc.  In fact you can make them anything you like, or just print them out on different coloured papers and of course if all else fails you could leave them blank...
The Tickets come on 1 A4 sheet, and include messages such as...  Let It Snow, White Christmas, Merry Christmas, Jolly Holidays and Noel... there are plenty more, with 2 of some and 1 of others.  Just click the image above to go to the download site.

Happy Crafting,
hugs Janie xxx

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A Present For You

Hi there everyone, been pondering what freebie to give you, as I have been VERY lazy lately and not done any drawing, and it seems every drawing I have left to give you is a Christmas one...    But then, I suppose if I don't give them now, when you are starting to think of making your cards and other Christmassy things then it will be to late.  I am very behind in making cards, I will REALLY have to put some effort into it soon, or I shall be just sending out a white card blanks to every one... saying that its a polar bear in a snow storm - lol.

Anyway, today's freebie is not just for Christmas, but all year round, which is how presents should be.  In the download, which as usual you can get by clicking on the image, you will find, 3 coloured parcels, hearts, spots and trees, in both jpg and png formats.  Of course if you don't like my colours, you can have a go yourself with the incuded digi stamps of the the 3 presents in jpg format.

Hope you have a fun time with these, and with that large straight side you can convert them into a full sized card, by using them as a template.

Happy Crafting,
hugs Janie xxx

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Sir Klink Freebie

As predicted earlier in the week, Sir Klink, the good and honest brother of the good and honest Sir Klank has made an appearance.  Sir Klink can be downloaded by clicking (or should that be Klicking) on the image above.  Like Sir Klank, the download consists of a coloured image and a digi stamp image in both jpg and png formats.

Enjoy your crafting...

hugs Janie xxx

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sir Klank Freebie

Well, as promised, here is a character to go with your Castle, meet Sir Klank, a good and honest Knight.  In the download you will get a coloured image and a digi stamp in both jpg and png formats.

This post is short and sweet... rather like me... tee hee..  Keep checking back for a chance to meet Sir Klink, the good and honest brother of our good and honest Sir Klank.

Happy Crafting...
hugs Janie xxx