Saturday, 30 July 2011

Freaky Critters Part 7 Freebie

Sadly all good things must come to and end...  and I really hope you agree that I saved the best til last, and I am not lion about it either.. ~big grin~

So here I give you my very last Freaky Freebie,  to download just click on the image above, and think, all these Freaky Critters all started off as the same basic shape.  A coloured Lion and a Digi Stamp Lion await you in the download file in both jpg and png formats.

Have a great weekend all...  I am off to do a bit of Crafting... Yay...

hugs Janie xxx

Friday, 29 July 2011

Freaky Critters Part 6 Freebie

Another day, another Freaky Critter, well you will be happy to hear that this is the penultimate one, yes, the Freaks are ending soon.  As you can see this time, I have 'put the bunny back in the box' ...  Okay... okay... I know that was a freakish reference to the film 'Con Air' - but I just had to say it - as I just love the way Nicolas Cage manages to keep a straight face while uttering that line - now that's acting... ~grin~

Anyway, to get the bunny out of the box - Tee Hee - (for goodness sake humour me here) - just click on the image above to go to the download site.  Not that I really think that the Freaky Bunny would be happy to go anywhere, let alone into a box !!  (Enough with the box jokes I hear you cry)

As usual in the download you will find a coloured and a digi stamp image of today's Freaky Critter, in both png and jpg...  you lucky people...

Have fun folks, and don't forget to check back tomorrow for the last of this weeks set of Freebies.  I think I have saved the best til last, but then you might have other ideas...  us crafters to tend to think 'out of the box' at times... (oh hahahahaha I am sooooooooo funny - I managed another box reference)

Ta ta...  hugs Janie xxx

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Freaky Critters Part 5 Freebie

Well more than half way through this fine set of Freaky Freebie Images, and what have I for you today?  It's none other than a Freaky Dog, all drooling, and eye balling you, my advice is to not look away.  Just back away slowly, and click on the image above when he least expects it !!!!

You will then, after a few seconds, possibly minutes, become the proud owner of your very own Freaky Dog, both coloured and Dig Stamp versions.  Both in jpg and png formats, for you to do nearly whatever you want with... lol

Some might say this was modelled after our dog Welly, but I want to assure you, this is completely drawn from my imagination... so you can make of that what you will. 

Enjoy, hugs Janie xxx

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Freaky Critters Part 4 Freebie

Wow, number 4 already, time is flying isn't it.  This Freaky looking little Mouse definitely has something on it's mind... but I for one, am not keen on asking....

Just click on the image to download a coloured and digi stamp version in both png and jpg formats. 

I really hope you are liking these Critters, I am getting some lovely comments, which I REALLY appreciate.

hugs Janie xxx

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Freaky Critters Part 3 Freebie

Hi all, well here is the 3rd of my Freaky Critters and this time it is a bug, I was going to turn him into a bee, but then thought that would limit what you could do with him.  So just draw a few lines on him if you need a bee.. ~grin~

As with the others, just click on the image to go to the download site, the file you download will contain a coloured and a digi stamp Bug, in both jpg and png formats.

Happy Crafting...

Janie xxx

Monday, 25 July 2011

Freaky Critters Part 2 Freebie

Hi all, thank you for all the lovely comments about yesterday's freebie, the Freaky Owl, as promised here is the second Freaky Critter, and it is a little pig in a hat.  Why a hat I hear you ask, and the answer is I don't really know, I just decided he/she needed one.

As with yesterdays download you get a coloured and a digi stamp Freaky Pig in both jpg and png formats, just click the image above to go to the download site.

Enjoy, hugs Janie xxx

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Freaky Critters Part 1 Freebie

Hello, I am so excited about this set of downloads, that I simply HAD to start the set off today, a day earlier than I had planned.  So, my dear readers, I want you all to gather round and put your hands together - (echo's of polite clapping ) - for the very first part of Freaky Critters....

In this Freaky set are seven Freaky Critters, starting with today's offering, a Freaky Owl.  Tee, hee... I wonder what the record is for having the word Freaky in a sentence? 

Each of the Critters start with two things that are the same, the body/head shape and the eyes,  you will see what I mean as the days go by, because I will be posting a Freaky Freebie over the next few days until I run out of them, which should be next Saturday.  The funniest thing is this owl, which was the first Critter I drew, was supposed to be a Bee, but somehow it morphed mid drawing into this owl.  Don't ask me how my mind works, it scares even me sometimes !!!

Just click on the image above to go to the '4Shared' download site.  In the download you will find, a coloured and a digi stamp Freaky Owl, in both jpg and png formats.

Remember to pop back ever day this week to see the other Critters in this set, I love them all and hope you do as well...

hugs Janie xxx

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Stitched Dragonflies Freebie

Hi all, not posted for a while, sorry for that, no excuse, just being very lazy...  I was at the Summer Crafting Event at Doncaster at the weekend, all those crafting folks I had seen on the tv were there, and so many things to buy. Such fun!!!

Today's freebie was an experiment for me, I had an idea to do a dragonfly with buttons, so I had a go, and was not completely happy, so tried again.  The next one I liked a lot better, there is not that much difference between them, but it is nice to have a choice.  I shan't tell you the one I didn't like so much, I just hope you enjoy both.

In the download, which you can get by clicking on the image, you will find, 2 coloured dragonflies in both jpg and png formats, and also both come in digi stamps, in jpg and png as well.  I really hope you find something you can use these with.

hugs Janie xxx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dotty About Flowers Part 2

Hi again, well I did promise the Dotty About Flowers papers and here they are, all are 300 dpi, and they come in five pretty colours.  They match the coloured Dotty About Flowers images from Monday, but will no doubt be useful when any flowery background is needed.  Just click on the image above to go to the download site.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments recently, I enjoy reading each and every one.  It is so nice to hear from you, happy crafting to you all...

hugs Janie xxx

Monday, 4 July 2011

Dotty About Flowers Part 1

Hi again, hope you are all well, I am feeling good at the moment, feeling quite excited actually as Stuart and I have bought tickets to go to the Summer Crafting Show at Doncaster, we have never been to a large craft show before so should be a great experience for us both.  I am of course busily saving all my pennies to spend there, but I might have to resort to spending all the pennies that Stuart saves up as well.  Tee Hee !!

Today's freebie is all about flowers, as you can probably tell.  There are quite a few different elements in the download, each coloured image available in both png and jpg formats, and each coloured image has a jpg Digi Stamp to go with it.  I think the large main flower image would look lovely decoupaged up, and hopefully there is something for everyone to play with.  Tomorrow, or possibly Wednesday I will post up some matching papers in 5 different colours, so that's something to look out for...

Have fun all...
hugs Janie xxx