Saturday, 30 October 2010

Castle Crafty Freebie

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night (Delete as appropriate) boys and girls, are we sitting comfortably?  Then I shall begin...

Once upon a time, in a kingdom not so very different from our own, there was a mighty King, who lived in a fabulous castle on top of a hill.  This castle was called Crafty, because the King loved to play with paper, card, glue and all things sticky.  In fact, the King loved crafting so much, he actually built his lovely home from card and paper, and now you can to.  

In the download of Castle Crafty, you will receive, a coloured image in jpg and png formats, and a Digi Stamp Image which you can colour in whatever style you wish.  Check back next week, as their are a couple of characters waiting in the wings which will fit perfectly with this image...

Have a great weekend...

hugs Janie xxx

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ketchup Freebie

Hi all, this is Ketchup, so called because his back end is always trying to 'ketchup' to his front end. He is a lovely little caterpillar who is so happy to make your acquaintance.   You can download Ketchup by clicking on his image above. 

In the download you will get a jpg and png coloured image of Ketchup, and also included as usual is a lovely to colour in Digi Stamp image.

I love this image, he looks so cute, and I really hope you all like him to.

hugs Janie xx

Monday, 25 October 2010

Frog Face Freebie

Hi again, as you can see today I have an extreme close up for you, happily it is another freebie, unhappily is is an extreme close up of a frog.  I suppose it does sort of fit in with Halloween coming up, not that I celebrate it, but Frog Face can be used by anyone who likes frogs, anyone who knows anyone that likes frogs, and of course anyone who thinks anyone they know looks like a frog.
Of course you could also use it of you don't know anyone who likes frogs, just for the fun of it, frogs are fun you know, and anyone who receives something you have made using Frog Face will say, 'Oh the face of a frog, what fun!!!'  SO what are you waiting for, download by clicking the image above and start creating, make someone you know smile, and show them how much you really care about them, by using Frog Face.
In the download, you will receive a coloured Frog Face image in jpg and png formats, and a Digi Stamp Image in jpg format.
Share and Enjoy....  Happy Crafting...  Happy Frog Face Day!!!

hugs Janie xxx

Friday, 22 October 2010

The Nativity Angel Freebie

Hi there, well as you can see, as GrammaR requested I bring you the Nativity Angel. So this is an extra add-on to Joan's Nativity collection, but as an added bonus I have added some Word Art of popular Christmas Carols that fits nicely over the top of the angel.  So you can use the image with or without the Word Art.

In the download you will get...
  • One coloured image in jpg and png formats
  • One digi stamp image in jpg and png formats
  • One A4 Sheet of jpg Word Art Images (Not shown)
  • One png 'Glories Stream From Heaven Afar' Word Art
  • One png 'Glad Tidings of Gret Joy I Bring' Word Art
  • One png 'Tis the Season To Be Jolly' Word Art
  • One png 'O Come, Let Us Adore Him' Word Art
  • One png 'Glory to the New Born King' Word Art
  • One png 'I Love Thee, Lord Jesus' Word Art
  • One png 'The First Noel, the Angels Did Say' Word Art
  • One png 'And Peace to Men on Earth' Word Art
Phew, I think I have them all written down there...  as you can see I forgot to add the A4 Word Art Sheet to the image above, but as you all know what an A4 sheet looks like I hope you will forgive the little lapse...

Have a great weekend all, I have a new Spellbinder Nestabilities to play with, so I shall be having fun...

hugs Janie xxx


Due to problems with this download, I have uploaded it again to 4shared.  Hopefully this has fixed the problem and you can download it with no problems now... ~fingers crossed~

Monday, 18 October 2010

A Single Flower Freebie

Hi there, after a week of Nativity I thought you might like something a little different, and here it is.  Three single flower blooms, in red, blue and yellow.  Each coloured bloom in the download is in both jpg and png formats, and the matching digi stamp image is a jpg.  They are bright and cheerful flowers, just what you need to add some colour to these Autumnal days.

Happy Crafting,
hugs Janie xxx

Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Nativity Part 8

Hello again, well here we are the final part of the Nativity, and of course it is the last King, I really hope he brought some bodyguards with him, carrying around that huge lump of gold!!!  I must say a big thank you once more to Joan who came up with the idea of the Nativity, and I really hope you have enjoyed these downloads.  Of course never satisfied, GrammaR, has asked for a camel, an angel and even a stable to complete the set.  I shall be working on some of these if not all for a future freebie, so keep an eye out, as you never know when the Nativity will strike again!!!

In today's Freebie, just click the image above, you will receive a coloured King 3 image in both png and jpg formats, and a matching digi stamp image.

Thanks for all the kind messages and to everyone who downloaded this set.  Until next time...

hugs Janie xxx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Nativity Part 7

Helllllllooooooooooooooo, yet again... bet you are starting to get fed up with these freebies now, but don't worry only another day to go after this one, and then you will have the entire Nativity to play with. 

Firstly I have to apologise to Betty (Nah nah nee nah nah) as today's freebie isn't a King as she thought it might be....  and I honestly didn't do a quick change around of the order, as they had all been sorted at the start of the Nativity. Only in fun Betty (~hugz~).

Today's freebie is a Shepherd, carrying a hand warmer, you can tell he is a very busy man as he can't be bothered to trim his beard, either that or he is thinking of starting his own musical group, possibly called, Sheep Sheep Tops <- Get it?  Get it?  Ah well I thought it was funny anyway...

Back to the freebie, ahem, in the download you with get a coloured Shepherd in both png and jpg formats, and the lovely Digi Stamp image in the same formats as well.

Happy Crafting,
hugs Janie xxx

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Nativity Part 6

Hello again, phew I have had a busy day, popped out to buy a nice easy chair for the room we keep Darwin in so we can sit comfortably while he is wreaking the room around us, of course we then needed a throw to cover it, against accidental poopidges.. (that is a real world you know).  Then we had some lunch at a pub, as you do, and then we popped into Sir Stampalot, bought a crafty few things, and then popped into another crafty place called Pondskippers, and accidentally bought a few more crafty things...  tee hee.

So finally I am home again, having a cup of tea, and writing to my blog, so you can get the next part of The Nativity, which I know you are all waiting for...    Today's download is another King, cunningly called King 2, so you won't confuse him with King 1.  Stuart says that he would look just like this handsome (?) fellow if he took off his glass and allowed his beard to grow!!!!  I am not totally positive about that, but shan't argue with him, as he was nice enough to buy me a surprise pressie for reaching the 50,000 download mark.  He bought be a Cuttlebug as a surprise, aren't I sooooooooooooooooooooo lucky!!!!!!

King 2, arrives on your computer as a colour image in both jpg and png, and also as usual a digi stamp image in both jpg and png as well.

Don't worry the Nativity hasn't finished yet, and there are a couple more days to go... so don't go anywhere...  and if you do, remember I want to see a note from someone in charge when you get back!!!

hugs Janie xxx

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Nativity Part 5

Good morning all, for indeed it is where I am, Stuart is on holiday from work all this week which is wonderful, I woke this morning to the melodic barking of Darwin, who has so quickly learned to bark like our dogs it's ridiculous.  I mean honestly, is to much to ask not to have a fourth dog in the house in the mornings???  (I was indeed being ironic when I said the word melodic)

Today's freebie from the Nativity is two of the central characters,  The Manger, for the baby Jesus to rest in, and of course the Star, for without the Star then no one would of arrived and no pressies!!!!!   I hate no pressies!!!!!  The Manger rests nicely between the images of Mary and Joseph, but the nice thing about these individual images is you can decide the scene you want. 

In the download you will receive, a coloured Manger and Star image in both jpg and png formats, and a digi stamp image of both in the same formats...  Remember to keep a weary eye open for part 6, arriving shortly, well tomorrow actually...

hugs Janie xxx

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Nativity Part 4

Hi again, and on we go with the Nativity, today I bring you King number 1, I have decided to call him a King and not a Wise Man, as personally I feel that anyone who wears a hat to keep his head warm and it has a huge hole in the top is not very wise!!!!  Stuart was very jealous of this fella's moustache, and I just know Darwin, our African Grey would love to perch on either side....

In the freebie you will receive, a coloured King 1 in jpg and png formats, and a digi image in the same formats.  The collection is getting big isn't it?  But there are lots more to come, so remember to check back tomorrow.

hugs Janie xxx

Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Nativity Part 3

So who do we have today as the 3rd part of the Nativity Set? Well I thought Mary might be getting lonely without her Joseph, so that is what I am offering you today.  After trudging all the way to Bethlehem leading the donkey with Mary on-board, no doubt Joseph thought he could do with a couple of days rest, yet he had to make do with a stable, no wonder his beard seems to of gone grey in my image.

Click the image above to get the download of a coloured Joseph in jpg and png formats, and a digi stamp image on jpg and png formats also.  There is more to come, so keep an eye out for part 4, coming to a blog near you soon.

Happy Crafting,
hugs Janie xxx

Friday, 8 October 2010

The Nativity Part 2

Hi again, it's time for the second part of The Nativity Freebie, and this time you will receive if you click the image above, a donkey and a sheep.  The donkey is of course an important part of the Nativity as it carried Mary all the way to Bethlehem, even though it was rumoured that he had a touch of sciatica in his left leg.  The sheep made a comfy saddle to cushion the donkey's bony back.  At least I think that is why he is in the story, no doubt I will be told different if I am wrong.

In the download you will get 1 coloured donkey and 1 coloured sheep in both jpg and png formats, and a black and white digi stamps in jpg and png as well.  Remember to come back tomorrow and see what freebie delight I have on offer, yes the third in this series awaits you... (Some folk might construe that as a threat - it is honestly not meant to be - at least I don't think it is)

hugs Janie  xxx

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Nativity Part 1

Hi there, a couple of days ago I had a rather nice e-mail from Foxycrafts asking me if I did requests and if I did would I have a go at doing a Nativity Scene.  Now if you are a regular to my blog you know I have a terrible time doing people, I am not that good an artist to get them to look just right.  But, I like a challenge, and I decided to accept Joan's (aka Foxycrafts) challenge, so over the next few days I will be posting the different images I came up with for a Nativity Scene.  All the downloads will include coloured jpg and png images, and also jpg and png Digi Stamps.  I don't usually include a png Digi, but decided that just this once you deserved the extra effort.

To start of the Nativity I would like to introduce you to Mary, wife of Joseph and of course Mummy to the baby Jesus.  Just click on the above image to go to the download site and begin collecting the Nativity.

Remember to come back tomorrow for another Nativity Freebie...  and there are plenty more to come after that...

Happy Crafting,
hugs Janie xxx

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Time For TV Freebie

Hi all, I am so glad you are now on guard for the dreaded Craft Monster, hopefully now none of our crafty things will go missing on us, but somehow I doubt it... he's a sneaky little pest....  Thank you very much for the kind comments, they were really wonderful to read and made me laugh.  You are a great bunch of people!!!

Today's freebie is a little bit more down to earth, yes it's a TV, sort of modelled on ours in the front room.  the nice thing about this one is you can add any picture the the digi stamp version, so you can have friends, family, pets or even the post-person on the tv.  Such fun to be had by all...

Just click on the image above and you can download the coloured TV in png and jpg formats and also the very useful jpg digi stamp.  Print the digi image out onto patterned paper and get a really funky looking tv to play with.  Hope you have lots of fun with this one...

Happy Crafting,
hugs Janie xxx

Monday, 4 October 2010

Craft Monster Freebie

Once upon a time I was enjoying a wonderful craft session, printing, colouring, cutting, glueing and embellishing to my hearts content. Then the scissors went missing, they were there a moment ago I was using them, but now they were gone.  I hunted high and low, but they were still missing!!!  So I got another pair, turned to cut the backing paper I was going to use and it to had gone.  'My, oh my (I honestly do talk like that),' I said, 'Well this is a fine turn up for the books.'

After much searching, and not a little cussing...  (nope no cussing at all)...  my missing craft items came to light, but I could not help but wonder why they had gone missing in the first place.  I mean,  you don't just lose something you had been using a few seconds ago do you? (No comment)

So I sat and thought, and then I pondered, and then I ate a doughnut (very good for thinking about things), and finally I came to the conclusion that something must be stealing my craft things.  So I came up with a plan, a cunning plan, a plan so cunning that it was foolproof in it's cunningness...

I decided to hide in wait, with pen and paper in hand...  I waited, and waited, and waited, ate another doughnut, waited some more, and finally IT crept out of a hole in craftspace (that's the creative space of craft) and grabbed a sticky back gem and made off with it!!!!!!

I quickly drew what I had seen, and the Craft Monster was fearsome to look at, but I am giving you what I drew as a freebie today, so you can keep a look out for him, so your crafty things don't go missing to!!!

If you are brave enough to click on the image above, you will receive in the download, a coloured Craft Monster image in both jpg and png formats, and also, as usual, a png digi image.

Keep a look out, don't turn your back, stock up on plenty of doughnuts and always be on guard for the CRAFT MONSTER!!!


No crafting items was harmed during the writing of this blog.
Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Doughnuts are a staple food group of the 'Monster Hunter', and should only be used sparingly by civilians.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Peek The Freebie

Morning all, and lookee here another freebie for you all.  This one, rather surprisingly, I have called Peek, and that is just what the little doggie will do for you.  The image will fit nicely over anything to make it look as if he is peeking over the top as in the image above.

In the download, which you can get by clicking on the image, you will find a coloured Peek in both jpg and png formats, and a freebie jpg digi stamp image of him as well to have fun with.

Wow can you believe it's the first of October!!!!!  Where is the time going I wonder?  Have a great weekend all of you, hope you are going to do something you really love.

hugs Janie xxx