Monday, 28 February 2011

My Street Freebie

Good Morning all, as I write this the heating is being fixed, which is good as the weather seems to of taken a turn for the worse here.  Thank you all for the good wishes regarding our leaking gas probblems, it has been very kind of you all to comment, in fact, all the comments I have received lately regarding my freebies have been wonderful to read, it really does cheer me up, especially when things are not going to plan at home.

To show how cheered up I am I give you today a rather colourful freebie, called My Street, I would first like to point out that my street doesn't quite look like the image above, but it would be nice to live there wouldn't it.  The art work is slightly different for me, I was trying to get a younger persons perspective and I hope I managed it and I hope also that you like it.

To grab the freebie just click on the image above.  In the download you will receive...

  • 3 Different Coloured House in both jpg and png formats.
  • 3 Different House jpg Digi Stamp Images.
  • 1 Coloured Fence in both jpg and png format.
  • 1 jpg Fence Digi Stamp.
  • 1 Coloured Tree Image in both jpg and png format.
  • 1 jpg Tree Digi Stamp.
  • 1 Coloured Flowers Image in jpg and png formats
  • 1 jpg Flowers Digi Stamp
I hope I have listed everything, the image above doesn't show all the Digi Stamps in the download as I couldn't fit any more on and not make the image look to crowded...

Anyway, enjoy your crafting...

hugs Janie xxx

Friday, 25 February 2011

Making Conversation Freebie

Hi there, you know I told you all about the noisy man fixing our heating, well it turned out we had a gas leak and had to have the gas turned off, and now we are without heat, hot water and a stove.  Life huh?  The best you can say is at least the weather here has gotten milder, so we are not walking around as little ice cubes.  The man is coming back on Monday to put in some new pipes to fix the leak, it will take all day to sort it out, but hopefully we will have all the mod cons of modern living by the time he leaves.

 Anyway, enough of my problems and take a look at what I have done, yep a new freebie, just click on the above image to get it.  In the download you will get, a coloured image in jpg and png formats and a Digi Stamp is included in both formats as well.  The image you receive will not have writing in the speech bubble which will allow you to write any message you wish...  making the image totally personal to you.

Hope you like this one...

Happy Crafting,
hugs Janie xxx

Monday, 21 February 2011

Angela Fish Freebie

There is a man in my house sorting out some heating problems we have been having, he is making a lot of noise, and it is getting a little cold around here, so I thought I would concentrate of designing an image for you all and this is what I came up with.  Okay I admit it's a little weird, but we all need a little weird in our lives from time to time don't we?  Hopefully you will find something you can do with the image, after all sending someone you love, a card with a square fish on the front has got to be high on your lists for things to do in 2011.  Hasn't it?

You can have Angela by clicking her image above and downloading her from the 4Shared site.  In the download you will get a coloured Angela in jpg and png formats, and as usual the Digi Stamp image as well.   Go on, you know you want to download her...

hugs Janie xxx

Friday, 18 February 2011

Big Surprise Freebie

Hi there, now this is so new it's hardly got the shrink wrap off it, yes I have just finished creating this one, in fact the paints still wet, so careful how you touch it, or you might end up with sticky fingers.  Not that you crafters should bother with that to much, if you are anything like me you are not a clean person when creating your mini masterpieces...

If you click on the image above you will be taken to the download site, and from there you can download the 'Big Surprise', in which you will find one colour image in both jpg and png format, one digi stamp image and a couple of different coloured Word Art, saying, 'Life is Full of Surprises!!  Some Big Some Small.'


Janie xxx

Monday, 14 February 2011

Honey Bee Freebie

Hi all, I said there was another little bear coming, and here he is, and I must admit he is my favourite., but keep that under your collective hats as I don't want the other bears getting jealous...

In the download, which as usual you can get by clicking on the above image, you will get a coloured Bear in both jpg and png format, and of course I have included the Digital Stamp as well.

Well, I think that's the last of the bears for a while, unless of course sudden inspiration strikes, I hope you are all enjoying Valentines Day, and have lots and lots of secret admirers.

hugs Janie xxx

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bearloon Freebie

Hi there, I promised you a second cute image didn't I, and this isn't it...  it's a cute image to be sure, but not the one I originally was going to post next.  This one came to me yesterday, so I drew it, and now I give it to you as my latest freebie, that means there is another cute bear to come.  So remember that eye I told you to keep open, well now is not the time to close it... lol.

Today's freebie, which you can get by clicking on the image above, is one coloured little bear image in both jpg and png formats, and also included is a jpg digi stamp as well. 

Happy Crafting,

hugs Janie xxx

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bearing Flowers Freebie

It's Sunday night, it's around 8:30 pm.. and it's time for a new freebie, and what a cutie he/she is.  This one is the first of a couple of cute bears that I have drawn, the second will be along later in the week ahead, so keep an eye open for a new post.

I called this freebie Bearing Flowers, because it is a bear, with a bunch of flowers.  Took me ages to think of it honestly... lol.  In this freebie, which you can get by clicking on the image above, you will get a coloured version in both jpg and png formats, and a jpg digital stamp.

I hope you make something really nice with this one...


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Valentine's Flower Freebie

Morning all, at least it is for me... I think I am awake and not still snoozing, dreaming that I am blogging, which you have to admit would be very strange, so forget I even mentioned it.  Unless I am really snoozing and dreaming of blogging and then you would not of known about it as this blog isn't real, or is it.  Only time will tell.

If indeed we are in the real world, then I hope you like today's freebie, hubby Stuart was not sure about it, he couldn't get his sweet little head around the lines of the flower being broken,  I said I was trying to be different and arty, he thought I said something else, looked at me strangely and said he would be back when the air cleared...  oh hum!!!!

Anyway...  In this download you will receive, a coloured flower in both jpg and png, and a jpg digital stamp, and the four papers you can see in the image above, they are A5 in size but can be made any size you like...

Have a great day everyone...  and of course Happy Crafting...

hugs Janie xxx

Oh, I forgot, as Nancy was kind enough to point out, to grab the download just click on the image at the top of this post. Sorry for those that didn't realise that is how I do things...  told you I was a bit snoozy this morning...  hugs again... Janie xxx