Monday, 30 August 2010

Lucky the Robin Freebie

As always Christmas comes early in the world of crafting...  it has to really or we would never get anything done.  So today as a freebie I give you Lucky the Robin, a jolly little (or large) red-breasted fella, perfect for all you Christmassy needs.

Why Lucky I hear you cry...  well that has a funny story attached...  I was trying to find a nice festive name from my little robin.  I used a search engine to find Christmas names but none of them suited, so I spied an Elf name generator, so I clicked on the link which took me strangely enough to the BBC Shropshire Christmas Santa's Little Helpers' Name Generator, which is quite a mouthful to say, and even harder to write.  I thought okay give it a whirl, anything for Shropshire!!!  I put robin in the name section and redbreast in the surname section (you must not use capitals for some reason) and pressed the 'Show Me' button.  The name revealed was.... wait for it.... wait for it....
Lucky Floppy-Cheeks
 So who am I to argue with that name????  Lucky Floppy-Cheeks the Robin, a perfect Christmas name if ever I heard it...  LOL  By clicking on the image above you can download Lucky in a jpg and a png coloured version, and of course the lineart digi stamp. 

Maybe if you are 'Lucky' there could be some more festive freebies this week...  so remember to pop back when you have a moment to spare... you never know what might be awaiting... ho..ho...ho!!!

hugs Janie xxx

Friday, 27 August 2010

Ahoy There Freebie

Ahoy there me hearties...  today I offer you a boat of sorts.  I firstly want to make it clear that I know nothing about boats, so this is a very imagination driven image, more like a childhood dream of a boat.  So saying I have hopefully covered all the basics...  it has a mast, a sail and windows.  Windows are good to see where you are going...  ~big all knowing grin~ .  I have left everything blank on the digi image so you can add embellishments and words of you own.

In the download which you will get by clicking on the image above, you will get a coloured boat in both png and jpeg format, and you will also get, as I said above, a jpg digi stamp image.

I hope you enjoy this digi...  happy crafting this upcoming weekend.

Hugs Janie xxx

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Feed Me Freebie

Morning all, or evening... or afternoon.. or night...  whenever and wherever you are it's nice to see you.  Hopefully that has covered everybody, would hate to think I have missed anybody...  ~grin~

Today's freebie was based on Darwin our African Grey.  When we first had him we fed him weaning food from a syringe.  It was a comfort thing for him, he was fully weaned, but did he like that weaning stuff !!!!  As I said this image is based on that... and no it is not an African Grey...  As usual in the download which you can get by clicking on the image above, you get 1 coloured image in png and jpg formats, and a jpg digi stamp of the same image.

I hope you like this image, I had a little help making it... or at least getting it ready to put on this blog...
Yes that's Darwin helping me out...  he is very good at blogging, he even has his own blog at Darwin Grey's World, it's not very big at the moment, but Darwin is very young...

Enjoy the new digi, happy crafting...

hugs Janie xxx

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Red Gem Toppers

Hello all, as you can see I have been having a little crafty fun this weekend and I thought I would show you all what I have been up to.  I decided to use different papers to colour some of my digi stamp images.
I used Rey Text and Graphics 160gsm paper to print all the images on.  It is a good stiff paper, that gives bright and clear images when printed on.  I used 4 sheets of paper, 2 were perfectly blank sheets that I printed out the digi stamp images onto.  The other 2 I printed out backing papers on from the gorgeous Dreams Come True crafting CD-Rom, part of the Papercraft Factory range from Funky Hand. I then run the already printed on sheets back through my printer, printing the digi stamp images onto those as well.

Now comes the fun part, deciding what to cut out from where to make up coloured version of the images.  I first of all cut out the plain digi images leaving a small border of white around each.  I then cut up the background papers, using different paper for the different parts, and stuck them together.  I used Crafters Companions, Spray and Sparkle on some of the cut pieces, to give an extra wow factor. Promarkers were used to colour the blank paper beaks, eyes and feet. I also used 3D Crystal Lacquer to highlight the eyes and feet and then added a red gem on each one.

I was really pleased with the finished toppers, so I wanted to show them off, even though I haven't got round to putting them on a card yet.

Thanks for reading,

Happy Crafting,  Janie xxx

Friday, 13 August 2010

Another Chuffing Freebie Part Two

Your wishes are my command.... or words to that effect.  In your ever so nice comments to me, several of my wonderful crafty friends asked for the train to be expanded.  So I quickly put these two train carts together for you.  They are jpeg digi stamps, I did not do a coloured version as I am a lazy wee cuss (not so wee actually but that's a different story).  They fit perfectly with the train digi stamp, and I hope it is something along the lines of what you were hoping for.

It seems I have reached another landmark in my blogging, 150 Followers now trail after me no matter where I go.  Didn't know that many could fit in our bathroom !!!!  Nah just kidding...  but I am so happy that so many people have chosen to follow my blog, it is such a compliment to me.  Welcome one and all, I hope you continue to find my blog interesting, and that there are always images you want to download.

Hugs and happy thoughts for the weekend,

Janie xxx

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Another Chuffing Freebie

Hey all, hope all is well with you in your world at the moment.  Today's freebie is a nice little steam train, bright red in colour or totally white as a digi stamp.  As you can see I have given you 2 coloured trains, one with no writing on and the other with Hamish the Hamster in his very own train which he called Hamster Railroads. The digi stamp is also a totally blank image for you to use, no hamster crept into the design.

By clicking the image above you will get...
  • 1 coloured jpeg Train
  • 1 coloured jpeg Train with Hamish the Hamster
  • 1 coloured png Train
  • 1 coloured png Train with Hamish the Hamster
  • 1 jpeg Train Digi Stamp
I hope you find a good use for this Chuffing Train Freebie, and if you want some more Hamish Hamster just click his name to go to his page on my blog.

I know I often say it, but I have been getting some really fantastic comments lately.  I really do appreciate all you say, and I treasure every kind word, thanks so much for taking the time to leave them.  I read them all, and love them all.

Happy Crafting,
hugs Janie xxxx

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Shop Till You Drop Papers Freebie

Hi all, hope you having a lovely weekend.  I am terrible for making lots of cards and not adding inserts, so that I end up with a pile of 20 or more cards needing them.  Yesterday I decided to sit down and make some, I got 3 done no trouble but on the fourth I wanted a nice paper that went with the card, couldn't find what I wanted so decided to make my own.
The front of the card shows a lady happily walking along with loads of full shopping bags, so I decided to write 'Shop till you Drop' all over a coloured paper.  I liked it so much that I went on to make it in several different colours, completely forgetting that what I was actually doing is making inserts.
Anyway it seems you lucky folks have benefited from my lapse, and I am offering them as a freebie now. Clicking on the image above will allow you to download the 6 different coloured papers.  They are A4 in size and landscape in orientation, in the close up you can see the writing more clearly, and they are really quite nice, or at least I think so anyway.
Hope you can find something fun to do with them.

Happy Crafting,
hugs Janie xxx

Monday, 2 August 2010

Crafty Boutique Freebie

Hello again, I had a great week last week, my husband Stuart had a week off work and we had a great time together, even entered the craft room and did some crafting.  Which was really great, it seems ages since I have actually made a card.  I know we all go through it at times, when we lose our crafty mojo's... and I am glad my time seems to be over.

Today's freebie is a shop front for you to use, just click on the image above to download file.  In it you will get a coloured version in jpeg and png format, and a jpeg digi stamp.  The digi stamp is really nice as you can make it any sort of shop you want, name it and place different images in the window.  I hope you enjoy playing with this one.

Thanks by the way for all the lovely comments about the snap freebie, you are really kind...  8)

hugs Janie xxx