Thursday, 31 March 2011


Hi all, just a quick post to apologize to all those who posted a comment on my Bunny Dreamz freebie.  I seem to of deleted all of your lovely comments from before a couple of days ago.  I am so, so, very sorry to all of you who took the time to comment, I was being a total numpty, and can't get them back now.

I really appreciate all you kind words, please don't think I don't. 

hugs Janie xxx

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Floral Frame Freebie

Hi there, how are you all today?  Here it is really quite Spring-like, the Sun is shining and though the breeze is cool, it is really quite lovely out at the moment.  To celebrate I have come up with this floral frame, and because it's Mothering Sunday here this Sunday, I have added an extra frame with the word Mum in, a special present to all the Mum's out there.

In the download, just click on the image above, you will find, a coloured frame in both jpg and png formats, a coloured frame with the word 'MUM' inside, in jpg and png formats, and a digi stamp of the original frame in jpg and png as well.

I really liked the colours I used, but it is nice to be able to colour your own, I hope you enjoy using this freebie...  take care all...

hugs Janie xxx

Friday, 25 March 2011

Bunny Dreamz Freebie

Do you know I have seen so many bunny digi freebies recently that I cold not help but let you have one that I had made.  Is it because Spring is in the air, or the approaching Easter weekend...  who knows, but bunnies are multiplying faster in the world of digi's that I can no longer keep count.  Of course my bunny is not as active as some of the others...  he is laying back and relaxing, enjoying the Spring sunshine, if you are as lucky as I am and actually getting some.

In the download, just click on the image to go to the download site, you will find, a colourful bunny in both jpg and png formats, and a jpg digi stamp of the same image.

Hope you enjoy crafting with this one...  hugs and love...

Janie xxx

Monday, 21 March 2011

Pretty As A Freebie

Hi all, have you worked out what is 'Pretty As A' yet?  It's tricky I admit, but there is a hint in the image above, and as luck would have it, the image above contains today's freebie.  Full coloured images, digi stamps and 4 pretty papers for you to enjoy.  I have to admit that with the papers it is a large file, over 9 MB, which for those with a slower internet connection will take a few minutes to download.  Sorry about that, but honestly they are so pretty I could not leave them out and I have tried to make then as small as possible.

In the download, just click on the image above to go to the download site, you will find, a coloured jpg and png peacock image, and a coloured jpg and png feather image.  Both of these also come in digi stamps in both jpg and png as well.  Also as I said, this comes with 4 matching jpg backing papers, which you will find in all their prettiness.

I hope you like this, it is hot off the press, as I have only just completed it...  and I really hope the ink had dried before you download it.

Take care,

hugs Janie xxx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Little Piggy Freebie

This little piggy cried "wee, wee, wee"
All the way home.

Good Morning Crafters, yes I do mean you sitting there reading this.  Today's freebie has big ears, but don't tell him that or he will get all embarrassed and flustered...  then he will blush bright pink...  oh dear.. to late!!!

You can download 'Little Piggy' by clicking on his image above, and in the folder you will find, a coloured piggy in both jpg and png formats, and as usual the digi stamp image to colour in yourself...

I am now the owner of a brand new washing machine, and (touching wood here for luck), nothing else has gone wrong...  on a good note my husband has asked me what I want for my birthday, which is fast approaching, so I am pondering what to ask for...  so many things I need... and only 1 birthday to fit them all into...

How do you sort out, what you want, from what you need, from what you can do without?

It's a toughie...

Happy Crafting,

hugs Janie xxx

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Quilted Squares Paper Freebie

Not done a paper freebie for a while, and I liked what I did with these and the colours.  There are 7 papers in the download, all A4, 300dpi, jpg images, so the download is rather bigger than usual, but I hope you think it is worth it.  Just click on the image above to be taken to the download sight, which happily seems to be working again now...  yipee...

I got a comment from Cheryl, asking me to get in touch with her, I am afraid there was no e-mail address to do so, so if you still want me to get hold of you, please send me an e-mail to the address on the right, and hopefully I can sort out whatever problem you have... 8)

Hey, guess what...  The heating etc. got fixed and my washing machine goes kerplunk....  I say kerplunk because it was making the exact same sound as all those marbles falling down from the children's game of the same name.  New washing machine ordered and coming on Saturday...  no more crafting goodies for a long... long time after all this expenditure...  bah humbug....

Anways, hope you like the papers...  happy crafting...

hugs Janie xxx

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Airy Tree Freebie

Well, what can say to you all, thank you so much for all the kind comments you left for me on my blog, as I said in the last post, they do mean so much to me, and each and every one made me smile, and as you can tell was very much appreciated.

Today's freebie which a have called 'Airy Tree', comes with 3 matching papers, see how lucky you all are... lol.  Just click on the image above to be taken to the download site, and there you can pick up the folder containing, 2 coloured tree's, both in jpg and png formats.  The only difference in the trees is that one has a branch and the other one doesn't.  You also get both designs as a jpg digi stamp, so in this freebie you get quite a collection, and I really hope you enjoy using it.

You will all be happy to know that our Gas has been fixed, and we now have a steady supply to cover all our heating and cooking needs.  Do you know what I missed the most in our week without, it was hot water!!!!  Boiling kettles to do the washing up etc.  No hot baths, though we did have a shower that worked fine, so we didn't get too smelly lol....

Happy Crafting one and all...

hugs Janie xxx

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