Wednesday, 26 January 2011

First Love Freebie

Do you know, sometimes I amaze myself...  I know, I know...  you might think that would be hard, what with me being such an amazing person, but occasional I even outshine myself with amazing light.  Yes I realize I am rambling, but it is late, and that is what is so darn amazing...

Eleven-Thirty at night, and I am posting something I have just drawn, this idea coming to me like a bolt out of the blue, or possibly an electric shock from the TV remote control when I turned it off to go to bed.  I had this image of a mouse being overcome by his cheese, his very first love.

So here I offer you that thought, straight from my slightly warped mind.  In the download you will find, 1 coloured mouse and cheese in jpg and png formats, 1 digital stamp drawing, and a word art design in jpg and png as well...  the words of course being, 'You never forget your first love...'.  Of course you don't have to use the words, but I thought they were good, or maybe I was just hungry for some cheese... hmmmm...  cheese...

Anyways, my amazing almost midnight idea, is now all yours... enjoy... Oh and if there are any smelling pishtakes then I am truly sorry, but I am half asleep, so I hope you forgive me.

hugs Janie xxx

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mr Grumps Freebie

Hello fellow crafters, what have you all been up to then?  Something fun and interesting I hope, I have been enjoying a spot of crafting with a new image I designed.  See the above Mr Grumps, a very wise and slightly grumpy looking owl. Want to see my hard work?  Of course you do, and even if you don't, you had better close your eyes right now.
I must admit the picture is not the best I have ever taken, but the light wasn't so good this morning and I am sure you will all forgive me for that, especially when I tell you that I needed background paper for my card so I made some up to match, which you all now get free as well, plus some very useful Word Art, which I will show you in a bit, so keep reading on.  The image is decoupaged, and the ribbon I coloured with my Promarker pen to try to match Mr Grump's eyes and the border of his oval.

In the download which you can get by clicking on the top most picture of today's blog, you will get...
  • 1 jpg and 1 png coloured image of Mr Grumps
  • 1 jpg Digi Stamp of My Grumps
  • 1 A4 300dpi matching Backing Paper
  • 1 jpg A4 Sheet of Mr Grumps Word Art
  • 2 x Happy Birthday To Twooo png word Art
  • 2 x That's Mister Grumps To You!! png Word Art
  • 2 x How Old? png Word Art
  • 2 x Whose A Twit? png Word Art
  • 2 x Blank Thought Bubble pngs.
I hope that really makes sense, if not download it and take a look at what you get ~grin~.  Here is an image of the Word Art you get, remember you also get them as stand alone images as well.
Wow, such a lot to enjoy...  I hope you have as much fun playing as I did this morning...

Happy Crafting..

hugs Janie xxx

Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Heartfelt Card

Hi all, just a quicky to show off this wonderful card by Betty Benton, which was shown to me yesterday.  Betty must have been one of the first to download the heart image and made up this card so quickly...  I think it is lovely, the sort of card that makes you look twice, very elegant, and I would love to say that I had made this.

Go take a look at Betty's Blog BeeBee Stamps and look at all the wonderful comments she has received, well deserved I might add. Thanks for telling me about this Betty, I think it is brilliant, and I am sure all that see it will agree..

Hugs Janie xxx

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Love Heart Freebie

Morning all, I hope all is well with you in your crafty worlds.  Today's freebie is a little something to maybe use in the upcoming month, it's the time of year when love is in the air even more than usual.  I actually designed this last year, and kept it in a special place until just now...  and so I give my heart to you...  I hope you like it.

The download, which you can get by clicking on the image above, includes 1 coloured jpg heart and 1 coloured png hear, your images won't have my name across them of course... There is no digi image included in this one, sorry.  Though you can use a graphics program to change the colour of the heart to whatever suits your own design.  You can also, if you are very clever, decoupage the image but printing out the heart twice and then cutting out the word and the little white hearts.

Enjoy your crafting...

hugs Janie xxx

Friday, 14 January 2011

Pretty Flower Paper Freebie

Oh deary me...  spot the mistake everyone...  ~rolls eyes~  ... ah well I am sure you get the idea...  and yes the 2 brown papers are on the wrong piles...honestly, you can't get the staff these days... lol!!!!

Anyway, as you can see this freebie is some papers, 5 small flower patterns and 5 large flower patterns in red, green, blue, purple and green.  So that's 10 papers in all in the download, they are all A4 jpgs, 300 dpi, so the file, to download, will take a couple of minutes, but the time is worth it honest...

Here is a close up of one of the green papers...

Hope you all have a great weekend...

hugs Janie xxx

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Stooby Freebie

Ah, that's better, I am sitting here with my first morning cup of tea, and I just had my first sip.  Odd isn't it, I have begun to enjoy drinking tea more and more, though it has to be made just right.  Luckily Stuart, my husband, knows just how I like it, to me he's my cuddly teddy bear, and I thought everyone deserved a Stuart in their life. So this freebie, named after Stuart (yes he is also called Stooby, a long story that I shall have to tell you about one day), is yours to enjoy, not that he will make you a cup of tea in the morning...  but you can't have everything can you...  ~grin~

In the download, just click on the image above to go to the download page, you will find a jpg digital stamp of Stooby, and 2 coloured versions, in both jpg and png formats.  As you can see I have used green and red for my Stooby's, but with the digi stamp you can of course use whatever colours takes your fancy.

Hope you are all having a brilliant start to the New Year, I had lots and lots of crafty presents for Christmas, and I have to admit I have been browsing the Crafty Sales online...  so much to buy, so little time...  lol

I have finished my cup of tea now and I have a choice to make, crafting or housework...  hmmmm....  not much of a choice really is it...

Enjoy Stooby,
Janie xxx

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Looksee Giraffe Freebie

Hi all, long time since the last post, in fact my last Blog was last year!!!!  It really does not seem so long ago, so this Freebie is all about looking back.  Which is not so easy to do, unless you have a very long neck and equally as long legs.  Luckily, Looksee, has both, but if you really must try copying him, then please know this blog is in no way responsible for anything that might happen to you whilst trying.  ~wink~

In the download, which you can get by clicking on the image above, you will receive, 1 coloured Looksee in jpg and png formats, and you will also 1 digi stamp in both jpg and png as well.

I really like this image, he made me laugh, and if you look at him upside down he has the most disgruntled expression I have ever seen... 

I noticed that I know have 200 Followers, hello to you all, so nice to see you, and hope you are finding something you like on my Crafty Corner.  I want to wish that my Followers and visitors, both regulars and  not so regular a wonderful Year to come,and I really hope it brings you lots of happiness, good health and all your dreams come true. 

Happy Crafting,
Janie xxx