Wednesday, 26 January 2011

First Love Freebie

Do you know, sometimes I amaze myself...  I know, I know...  you might think that would be hard, what with me being such an amazing person, but occasional I even outshine myself with amazing light.  Yes I realize I am rambling, but it is late, and that is what is so darn amazing...

Eleven-Thirty at night, and I am posting something I have just drawn, this idea coming to me like a bolt out of the blue, or possibly an electric shock from the TV remote control when I turned it off to go to bed.  I had this image of a mouse being overcome by his cheese, his very first love.

So here I offer you that thought, straight from my slightly warped mind.  In the download you will find, 1 coloured mouse and cheese in jpg and png formats, 1 digital stamp drawing, and a word art design in jpg and png as well...  the words of course being, 'You never forget your first love...'.  Of course you don't have to use the words, but I thought they were good, or maybe I was just hungry for some cheese... hmmmm...  cheese...

Anyways, my amazing almost midnight idea, is now all yours... enjoy... Oh and if there are any smelling pishtakes then I am truly sorry, but I am half asleep, so I hope you forgive me.

hugs Janie xxx


  1. love this thanks for sharing and please feel free to play with your remote some

  2. This is lovely! You must have such an active mind to be able to come up with something that late in the evening :<) Thank you.

  3. Cute! Thank you!

  4. Great, amazing minds work 24/7 so it is no surprise you had a zap of inspiration while turning off the tv. I just wonder what you dreamt after being overtaken by the cheese. I just hope you weren't cutting it all night.

    Thank you for the images.

  5. This is tooo cute thanks

  6. just found this.. thank you it is adorable