Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Guardian Angel Freebie

Hi all, sorry it's been so long since my last post, but finally I have a new freebie for you.  I was thinking, everyone needs to have a Guardian Angel to keep them safe, so I have drawn one for you. 

To get the download just click on the image above, and in it your will find a digi stamp in both png and jpg formats, and also a coloured image in both formats as well.

I hope you all had a a lovely time over the past weekend, we had some lovely weather here, shame it's changed again and is quite cool.  Still that never stops crafting does it... lol

Have fun..

hugs Janie xxx

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Crafty Letter Freebie

Hello there, here's something a little different for you all... it's a little kit that makes up a faux letter front that you can use on your crafty projects.  In the kit, which you can get by clicking on the image above, you will find:-

  • 4 png Envelope Fronts (Green, Blue, Pink and Brown)
  • 5 png Stamps
  • 1 png Blank Stamp (So you can make your own if you wish)
  • 1 png Franking Stamp
  • 1 png Envelope Decoration
You can see a finished Envelope in the above image, the only thing not provided in the kit is the greeting/address, I just made one up to show you how it would look.  All the images that make up the stamps etc, are my own drawings, here is a list if you want to find a matching image to go with your envelope...

I hope you like this freebie, I know it's a little different...  but it's nice to try something new every now and again...  oh, before I forget, if any of you have any ideas of things for me to attempt to draw then let me know.  Sometimes it's hard to think of something fresh to put on here, and though I can't promise anything, if you ask, I might just attempt it...  lol...  Just remember I am not that good an artist, so nothing to hard....

Happy Crafting,
hugs,  Janie xxx

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Spring Time Freebie

Hello...  what beautiful weather we are having here, hope you all are as fortunate, it seems that Spring is well and truly in its way... Yay!!!

I drew this, this morning, with the Malaysia Grand Prix blaring away in the background, and me with Create and Craft on TV Catchup on my laptop.  Always on the look out for a bargain, or indeed anything crafty, bargain or not.

Just click the image above to download my Spring Time Freebie, and you will find in the file the three images above.  They are all 300dpi jpg images, sorry there is no png with this one.

I think this would make a really nice paper piecing project, printing the digi image onto patterned paper and cutting out the various pieces of the image and sticking them together.   I shall be giving it a go myself later today.  I hope you enjoy this one.

hugs Janie xxx