Monday, 26 September 2011

Owl Pile Freebie

Hi all, when my husband saw this he said, "That's Owltastic!!"  So I really hope you think that as well when you download this little stack of owls.  LOL !

Just click on the above image to collect the download from 4Shared... and in it (it being the download), you will find a large lot of owls.  In fact you will get all the owls in the image above, some in png and some in jpg and some in both...  What a HOOT !!!

Owl be seeing you soon....

hugs Janie xxx

Monday, 19 September 2011

A Ghostie Freebie

Hello...  Here's something to make you shiver just a little... your very own Ghostie Digi Stamp, with matching Word Art, and a scary Backing Paper.  Just click on the image above to download one of the scariest images I have drawn as yet...  and enjoy !!!

hugs Janie xxx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Big John Freebie

Please don't ask me where I cam up with the idea for this digi, as I truly have no idea...  I actually drew it quite a while ago, and as the store cupboard was nearly bare, I decided to give you Big John, and who wouldn't want him... lol

In the download, just click on the picture, you will find, a coloured image in both jpg and png formats and a jpg digi stamp.  Have fun !!!

Happy Crafting,
hugs Janie xxx

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Last but not Least Freebie

Hi all, today we have the last of my Christmas Freebies, for the moment...  A nice little grouping of Holly, both coloured and Digi Stamp versions in jpg and png formats.  Just click on the image above to go to the 4Shared download site.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks freebies, and they help you a little in your Christmas crafting.

hugs to you all, happy crafting...

Janie xxx

Friday, 9 September 2011

From the Top Santa Freebie

This is the last of my From The Top images, which I am sure you can all recognise as Santa, but as I was just looking at it now, you can also use the digi stamp image and use different colours and turn Santa into a Gnome.  Sorry was just a thought, but I am sure you can see where I am coming from ... lol.

I really like this image, and is my favourite of the 'From the Tops', I just love his little nose, and to be honest I just love Santa...  makes me feel all happy and bright.  If you want him, just click on the image above, and in the download you will find, a coloured and a digi stamp image in both jpg and png formats.

You can use Santa with the other From the Top images, stand him beside the tree etc.  I really hope you have fun using some of these freebies from this week...  there is a final freebie tomorrow...  so check back...

hugs Janie xxx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Flying Rudolph Freebie

'On Blister, On Dumpster, On Dishwasher, On Pincer...'  

All those lovely Reindeer names I remember so well, but there is always one missing from Santa's cry...  and that's Rudolph, not sure why he forgets every time, maybe he is getting a little forgetful as he gets older !!! 

Whatever the reason, I have decided to help Santa out this year, and gently nudge his memory by sending him this little image out into the World of the Web.   Hopefully this will prove that I am a good little girl this year, and he will add me to the appropriate side of his list.

In the download, just click the image above, you will find, a coloured and a Digi Stamped Rudolph in both png and jpg formats.  I really like this image, and I hope you do as well...  There is another image coming your way tomorrow, so don't forget to check back.

hugs Janie xxx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

From the Top Snowman Freebie

Oh look it snowed last night and see what I made....  lol.

Okay, maybe it didn't snow, and maybe this image has been made for some time, but it is jolly festive.  First I gave you the From the Top Tree, and now in the same theme I give you the Snowman.  In the download you just get the Digi Stamp image in both jpg and png formats, but I am sure you can soon make that nose a lovely carrot by adding some orange...

See you again tomorrow for another Christmas Freebie...

hugs Janie xxx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Snowflake 2011 Freebie...

Hi again, I am so glad that you liked yesterday's freebie, as I have 2 more of a similar nature waiting to show you, but not today, today's freebie can be a snowflake, star or bauble.  I have coloured it in 2 different colours, blue and Christmas, though you do get the digi stamp of the image to colour in however you wish.

In the download, you will find a Blue and a Christmas Coloured Snowflake in both png and jpg formats, and also the digi in jpg.  

Happy Crafting...

hugs Janie xxx

Monday, 5 September 2011

From the Top Christmas Tree Freebie

I did warn you that Christmas was coming early to my blog, and yes it has arrived, and to prove it I am putting up my tree, it's absolutely full of baubles, and for a change I am giving you a different view of it, looking down from above.  Phew, that was a entirely to long sentence I believe, sorry about that.

You may say that it's much to early to be thinking about Christmas, but in the crafty world, if you are like me, the cards have already started to be made.  I have been making Christmas cards for a couple of months now, and I just love finding the freebie festive images that have started to trickle into the freebie digi world.

Just click on the image above to be taken to the 4shared site, where you can download my freebie.  Once downloaded, you will find, a coloured tree in both jpg and png formats, and a jpg digi stamp image of the tree as well.  I did think the tree would make a really nice decoupage image if the layers were all cut out and stacked up.  I haven't tried it myself, so if anyone does, let me know how it looks...

There's another Christmas Freebie tomorrow...  so check back when you have a moment to spare.

hugs Janie xx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Night Time Vista's Freebie

Ho, Ho, Ho all, guess what is coming next week to my little crafty corner?  Yes believe it or not, I have a Festive treat coming your way.  Starting Monday I have a few digi stamps with a Christmas theme, which will make you all Merry and Bright.

Today's freebie is a little different, I was trying something different earlier, and Stuart said you should post them as a freebie... so I have.  Just click on the image above if you want them.  Maybe you can do something crafty with them...  have fun....

See you next weeks...
hugs Janie xxx