Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Angus the Hamster Freebie

Hi all, it was Craft Day on QVC in the UK yesterday, and the TSV was from Tim Holtz, and as my husband is so fond of Tim Holtz products we decided to splash out and the TSV and a couple of other items.  So we are eagerly awaiting the Postperson now, well in a few days we will be.  Also today I wrote an e-mail to Create and Craft and it was read out, my first e-mail it was too, I loved the new Robert Addams craft CD, but with all the purchases yesterday I am not sure if I can justify buying it.  LOL.

Anyway on to today's freebie, which as you can see is a not so tiny Hamster called Angus.  I drew the first version, on the  left of the picture last week, and today I was looking at it and thought he really does look like he is eating something... so thought I would add a biscuit, which could be the reason why is is so rounded.

So in the download you get 4 coloured images, 2 jpgs and 2 pngs, with biscuit and without, plus a couple of jpeg Digi Stamps. I really hope Angus makes you smile as much as he made me.

Oh and just a quick hello to my nieces Helen and Emily who are both laid up after visits to the hospital recently.  I hope you both have a speedy recovery and feel better soon...  (( Hugs to you both))

Happy Crafting,


Please ignore the extra P in the tietle, I have nepher bean abel to smell and that just prooves it.. ~wink~

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Pickle the Pig Freebie

Hi all again, yet another freebie for you, cheerfully called Pickle the Pig, I drew him the other day and I thought he looked quite sweet.  Clicking on the image above will take you to the download site, and there you can download the file which contains, 2 coloured images of Pickle, 1 in jpeg and and the other png.  Also included in the file is the is a Pickle Digi Stamp for you to enjoy.

Guess what...  I was sitting there happily waiting for my freebies to reach the 10,000 download mark... and... when I checked yesterday it had happened.  In fact it had gone by in a flash and was heading on upwards.  The actual amount of downloads have just reached ~ drum roll please~  10,490 Downloads!!!  Wow!!!   My husband said to me if you had a penny for each download you'd have £100.00...  lol

It is so fantastic to know that so many people have downloaded so many, many of my images, thank you all, and I hope you are enjoying using them.

Happy hugs,

Monday, 15 February 2010

The Shed Door Freebie

Hi all...  Just a short and sweet freebie for you...  er... it's a shed door.  I know it's slightly odd... but hey... so am I.  The download includes two different coloured doors in both jpeg and png formats, and 2 digi images in jpeg format.

I hope you find something fun to do with them... lol.

On a more serious note, I just thought I would remind you not to post my images on your blogs that others can download.  I prefer it if you would just link to my blog so they can download my graphics from here.  At least that way people get a  TOU with them and know what they can and can't use them for.  I  don't mean to come over all heavy or anything... and I hope you all understand why I would prefer this.  Thanks.

Happy Crafting,

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Mushroom House Freebie

Hi all, well, this little house doesn't seem to have much room does it?  Okay, yes I know it was a feeble joke yet again...  but I really just had to say it.

As promised in my last post, here is another Mushroom freebie, this one as you can see is a little Mushroom house.  In the download you will get a coloured jpeg and png of the image, and a line art jpeg digi stamp as well.  I can see this one working on lots of projects... from moving house, to just a nice fantasy collection.  I hope you all enjoy working with this, and as usual would love to see anything you come up with.

Happy Crafting,

Monday, 8 February 2010

Make Room for the Freebie

Hi all, this was supposed to be posted earlier today, but I could not access the 4shared site to store my freebie for you.  It does appear to be working now though, so here goes...
For today's freebie I would like to introduce you to some fungi's..  I know terrible pun - but I just had to say it.. lol.  In the download you will receive 2 different mushroom images, both of the coloured images come in jpeg and png formats, and along with the coloured images you get a jpeg digi stamp of them both.

Hope you enjoy these images...  and keep a look out for some more fungi's coming you way.


Thursday, 4 February 2010

A Crop of Cards

Hi again, I have has a lovely day today, my sister Carol came to visit which was very nice, and brought a wonderful card she had made, which I will photograph and show off to all when I unearth my camera again.  Speaking of wonderful cards, I simply must show you some of the cards the talented people have been making from my designs...  I hope you will agree that each and every one is a little work of art.

The first two I have to show you is from Megan over at her Thoughts and Dreams Blog.  Megan used all three of my alien images, Sid, Bob and Fion, though you will have to check out her blog to see just where Fion is hiding on her card.  Her other card uses my Spot the Dog image, in a wonderfully different slant on a Valentine Card...  aren't they both just great?
The second 2 cards are from Carol over at Bills Favorite Stamper, she also used my alien images on two fantastic cards, both valentine cards for her grandchildren.  I really hope they like them, as they are 'out of this world' cards.
The last, but definately not least, card is from Lyn at Spyder's Corner, who used my Wilson the Bear image and one of the backing papers I made to go with him.  I think he looks rather smart sitting there, and anyone would be really pleased to receive him as a card.  Wonderful.

I hope you liked looking at some of the brilliant card designs being made with my designs, I just love to see them and show them off...  everyone has done such good work...  I love them all...

Hugs Greebs..xx

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Pearl The Mermaid Freebie

 Hi all, tis me again.  Today I would like to introduce you to Pearl the Mermaid, so called as she just loves her neclace made from pearls.  I made her a while ago, and thought you might like her as a download.

Clicking on the image above you will be taken to the 4shared website to download the file.  In the file you will find 2 coloured images of Pearl, 1 in jpeg and the other png, also incuded is a jpeg digi stamp.

Happy Crafting,

Monday, 1 February 2010

We Three Cards

Hi all, today I have three cards to show you , all made from my designs of course, to give you a little inspiration in your card making. 
The first card was sent as a Thank You card to Stuart and myself by my sister Sue.She used the Chloe Mandala Digi Stamp, the coloured version, she said she loved the colours.  She cut out the different layers and mounted them up by sticky pads onto an acetate card.  The background paper inside came from  a backing paper craft disc called  'Embossibilities Christmas' by Sharon Duncan.
Textured shiny paper was used on the left edge of the card, bordered by a lovely bright pink velvet ribbon.  The text down the side is of course Thank You.  A lovely card, I hope you agree.

The next card I have to show you is from Betty Benton ~(hi Betty)~ over at BeeBee Stamps!. 
The  main image is from a set of butterfly images and papers that I cheerfully called Butterfly Brights.  As usual Betty has done a wonderful card design which she goes into detail about on her blog.  I just love the glossy effect she has got on the body, head and wings that shows up shiny and bright in the photograph.  I also love the saying, which matches the image perfectly. As always Betty you have done my image proud.
My third and final card for today was made by me, myself and I.  I just loved the image of  Lucy the Sheep, so set to and actually made a card.  The backing paper is from an old paper pack I have had for a while, the grey wash effect was something I had trouble knowing what to do with until Lucy.  The green mat is a print out from a Glenda Waterworth background paper disc, sadly I am not sure which one as I have many of her's and it was one I had printed out a while ago.
I edged the mat with a black ink pad and stuck it flat on the card.  I then stuck a decoupaged image of Lucy in the middle.  If you look carefully you will see I used 3D Crystal Lacquer on Lucky's eyes and nose.  I then added one of the Word Art images that you can get with the Lucy download, matted and layered it up, and also used the 3D Crystal Lacquer in the 3 stars.

I hope you like these three lovely cards as much as I do.