Monday, 1 February 2010

We Three Cards

Hi all, today I have three cards to show you , all made from my designs of course, to give you a little inspiration in your card making. 
The first card was sent as a Thank You card to Stuart and myself by my sister Sue.She used the Chloe Mandala Digi Stamp, the coloured version, she said she loved the colours.  She cut out the different layers and mounted them up by sticky pads onto an acetate card.  The background paper inside came from  a backing paper craft disc called  'Embossibilities Christmas' by Sharon Duncan.
Textured shiny paper was used on the left edge of the card, bordered by a lovely bright pink velvet ribbon.  The text down the side is of course Thank You.  A lovely card, I hope you agree.

The next card I have to show you is from Betty Benton ~(hi Betty)~ over at BeeBee Stamps!. 
The  main image is from a set of butterfly images and papers that I cheerfully called Butterfly Brights.  As usual Betty has done a wonderful card design which she goes into detail about on her blog.  I just love the glossy effect she has got on the body, head and wings that shows up shiny and bright in the photograph.  I also love the saying, which matches the image perfectly. As always Betty you have done my image proud.
My third and final card for today was made by me, myself and I.  I just loved the image of  Lucy the Sheep, so set to and actually made a card.  The backing paper is from an old paper pack I have had for a while, the grey wash effect was something I had trouble knowing what to do with until Lucy.  The green mat is a print out from a Glenda Waterworth background paper disc, sadly I am not sure which one as I have many of her's and it was one I had printed out a while ago.
I edged the mat with a black ink pad and stuck it flat on the card.  I then stuck a decoupaged image of Lucy in the middle.  If you look carefully you will see I used 3D Crystal Lacquer on Lucky's eyes and nose.  I then added one of the Word Art images that you can get with the Lucy download, matted and layered it up, and also used the 3D Crystal Lacquer in the 3 stars.

I hope you like these three lovely cards as much as I do.



  1. Great cards love the chloe mandala card

  2. These are all so nice! I'm so glad that folks are using you adorable images. I have a few more cards to post. I make Valentine cards for all my gkids every year, your images are really an inspiration to me. Thank you!

  3. Just tried to leave a comment but don't think my computer sent it off to you. So, here goes again--
    Thank you for adding my card to your and your sister's cards -- I'm honored. Practically part of the family!! lol
    Wish I could see your sister's card in real life. As pretty as it is here, I bet it is really gorgeous in all its 3D glory!