Monday, 20 December 2010

Quackers Freebie

Hi all, this will most likely be the last post before Christmas, I decided that I would give you all another freebie, but maybe you are a little tired of all the Christmas images, so I drew this little fella.  I loved him as soon as he came to life on my computer and really hope you like him as much.

In the download, which you can get by clicking on the image above, you will get a coloured Quacker in both jpg and png format, and you will also get the Quackers Digi Stamp in both formats as well... lucky you...

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Time, and a really Happy Holiday this year.  Thank you for all the wonderful comments, for your support through all the good times, and the odd hic-cup along the way.  I appreciate all you say, far more than I could ever express, you are my Muse, if a Digi Artist can have such a thing...  Hugs to you all...

Love Janie xxx

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Fancy Flake Freebie

Just what you need huh?  More Flakes for you to deal with, and I am not referring to dandruff.. lol.

This download is a little larger than usual due to the two papers included, but they are quite nice, and I am sure you will be able find something to do with them.  They are both A4, 300 dpi jpg images, and the Fancy Flakes Digi stamps, are jpg and png formats in black and white colours, though you can colour them to make them match your designs if you so wish.

Have fun,

hugs Janie xxx

Friday, 10 December 2010

Introducing Floyd - A Freebie

After so many Christmas freebies, I thought I would give you something a little different, and Floyd the Dragon is definitely different.  In the download you will receive the coloured version of Floyd in both jpg and png format, and also the jpg digi stamp for you to colour in however you wish.

I hope you have fun with this image, I like it a lot, but then I am biased...  lol

Have a great weekend all...

hugs Janie xxx

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Santa's Little Elfer Freebie

Good Morning, and boy is it a cold one...  so cold that I have decided to go into hibernation until Christmas Day.  So I am even at this moment eating a pile of doughnuts only slightly smaller than myself to make sure I have lots of nourishment to see me through the weeks to come.  So while I pass away the time eating my doughnuts, I thought I would post this little Freebie for you, I called it Santa's Little Elfer, because at this time of year I bet Santa needs all the help he can get.

By clicking on the image above you can go and download a coloured version of the image in both jpg and png, and also included is the digi stamp as usual.  It's a fun image and I hope you like it.

Er...  I feel a little sick...  and I am only half way through my doughnut pile... must run now....

Happy Crafting,


Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christi's Rudest Gingerbread Man

Hi there, hope you all are having a great weekend, and if you aren't here is something that will cheer you up, it definitely made me laugh out loud. Christi from, Christi's Creations, used my Gingerbread Man image to make this wonderful card.  You can find out about it by going to this post on her blog.

I just thought it was so funny, and asked Christi if she would let me share it with you all, as you can see she kindly said yes. 

Well I am off to make a few more Christmas Cards now, not sure if they will be the 'Bite Me' variety, as most of them will be for Stuart's work colleagues, though I am sure at times, Stuart feels like saying this to some of them ~tee hee~

Happy Crafting...

hugs Janie xxx