Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Bradley and Chums Freebie

Well it's time for another Freebie, and today let me introduce you an old friend Bradley Bear and his three chums.  You will have seen Bradley before, he was a Freebie in August, that you could cut out and put back together with brads, hence his name.  If you are not sure as to which one is Bradley he is the one on the far right in the image.
In this download you will get four coloured bears in jpeg and four in png, plus an extra one in jpeg to colour in if you wish.  All the bears (except for the white one), are made using different elements such as wood, fabric and carpet, and as the elements were photographed before being used in the designs, the bears are quite big files, but well worth the download time I think.
Okay, that's all for now folks, I hope you enjoy this freebie.

Happy Crafting,


Monday, 28 September 2009

Messing Around With Messy

Hi again, today there is no freebie, just a card to show off to you all. I made this over the weekend, though I had been thinking about the idea for a few weeks.
The main part of the card is made from Joanna Sheen's 'Messy Rabbit' papercraft CD Rom.  On disc one of this two disc set there is a section called, 'Bonus! Sketches'. These are line drawings of some of the fabulous artwork on the disc, and just right I thought for colouring with my promarkers.
I choose the sketch of Messy looking at a ladybird on the leaf of a huge sunflower and had a fine time colouring it in. The colours (Pumpkin and Cool Grey 1), I used for the border of the topper was also used for the paper I stamped on for the sentiment.
The backing paper also came from disc one, under the title, 'Bonus! Messy Rabbit', you will find the sketch I used but this time it is pre-coloured, clicking the image you find a couple of wonderful backing papers, that go perfectly with the coloured images, and of course my promarker coloured sketch.
 I printed out the backing sheet, and then copied the sunflower in the bottom right corner two times, printed them and cut them out to decoupage up.
The sunflower in the top left corner is a button,  I tied the green ribbon to the shank at the back and then threaded wooden beads on, leaving a nice length to dangle. I used 'Art Institute' Dries Clear glue at either end of the beads to make sure they didn't move to much and didn't drop off either.  The sunflower button was stuck on using a large amount of 'Pinflair' glue, which when dried allowed for no movement of the button at all.
The topper and the sentiment are both raised using foam tape. The backing paper is matted onto orange mirri card, and the topper and sentiment were both matted onto a deep brown leather effect card, and then matted onto orange mirri.
I hope you like my card, take care all and Happy Crafting,


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bouquet of Stitched Flowers Freebie

Hi again, don’t these weeks fly by?  It only seems a minute or two ago that I posted Milla at the start of the week and here we are at the end.  Today I have a couple of files for you, they both have the same images in, but one file is PNG images and the other has JPEGs.  I split them up into two because they are quite big downloads, and some people might not want the images in both formats.  Of course if you do then just download both files.

For those that don’t know the difference between the two file types, basically for crafting purposes the PNG file has a transparent background so you only see the actual image, and a JPEG file has a white background surrounding the image. The image above was made using only PNG images.

 The flowers in the download(s) are made from photographed materials, made into flower shapes and the digitally stitched around the edges. I was quite pleased with the result.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD JPEG FILE– this file contains two folders of JPEG images, the first is a set of six complete flowers with stems and leaves, the second is a set of six flower heads and one stem with leaves.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PNG FILE – this file contains two folders of PNG images, the first is a set of six complete flowers with stems and leaves, the second is a set of six flower heads and one stem with leaves.

I hope you have fun with them…

Priscilla Update:

For anyone who has been following the exploits if Priscilla my wayward laptop there has been a new development.  After being told yesterday that I must have caused the problems by loading a rogue program onto Priscilla, and that the only way of sorting it out was to take her back to the factory settings.  Basically wiping everything off and starting again.  Today, it turns out that ‘Mesh Computers’ in the infinite wisdom have decided that because of all the problems I have had they are going to send me a brand new laptop.  Which is even now winging its way to ‘Mesh’ from Taiwan, then a brand new Priscilla will be created and sent out to me.

Does this mean that they failed in the re-booting?  I am not sure as no matter how hard I tried no one would admit to anything. Is it still my fault?  I don’t know that either.  I just know that one day, in the near (hopefully) future, I will once more have a laptop to call my own. I also know that it would be very unwise for me to hold my breath until that keenly anticipated day arrives.

Anyway enough of that, enjoy the download(s), and have a great weekend.

Happy Crafting,


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Milla The Dragon Freebie

Hi again, well for my latest freebie I got inspiration from two of my nieces Elizabeth (Lilla) and Emily who asked for a dragon. Now Milla, whose name is a combination of my nieces names, may not be quite what they had in mind but I think she is kinda cute.
In the download there are three versions of Milla for you, two coloured PNG's of Milla like the one shown in the image above, one has a couple of smoke clouds coming from her nose (not shown). The other is a JPEG digi stamp for you to colour in, the picture of it above is only a head shot, but you do get a full Milla digi stamp. Also included are three A5 backing papers which you can see in the circles.
I hope you enjoy this freebie, thank you for looking.

Happy Crafting,


Monday, 21 September 2009

That Chilly Feeling

I have been busy over the weekend, but still had time to make a couple of cards.  One was a A4 sized card for Stuart's workplace, they wanted one for the wedding of an upcoming member of staff, I was quite pleased with the result and hopefully after the wedding I will show you a picture.
The second card I made was the one on the left, a simple but I think pretty christmas card.
The image came from the Tales From Pollycraft Blog, which runs a Friday Freebie every week.  I coloured her in with Promarkers, using the colours, Blossom, Lilac and Rose Pink for her clothes, Cocoa for her shoes and hair, though I did add some lowlights to her hair using the colour Cinnamon. Her skin colour is Blush and the cheeks are Pastel Pink, I thought you were bound to have bright cheeks sitting any length of time on a snowball!!! Talking of which, was coloured using Cool Grey 1.  I then outlined the image in Pastel Blue.
The image was then matted onto deep purple paper and then onto silver mirri board.
The card size is DL, and the paper affixed to it comes from Do Crafts, 'Daisy & Dandelion' Christmas Collection, 'A Winter's Tale'.  I ripped the paper, and then coloured the white ripped part with the Silver colour from Do Crafts Shimmer Chalks 'Festive' collection. I placed a silver fine-line border peel off down the  left side of the card, slightly in from the edge, and then finished off the card with a 'Silver Pearlescent Tag' from Do Crafts.

Thanks for reading, Happy Crafting,


Thursday, 17 September 2009

Jolly Holidays Part Five Freebie

Hi yet again, well this is my final day of Jolly Holidays for you and I could hardly not do a Christmas set of freebies without the big man in red himself. Today I offer you not one but two separate folders, the only difference between these two folders is that in the one above Santa has round rosy cheeks, and in the one below he has none. This came about when after completing my original drawing of Santa I gave him cheeks. My husband Stuart thought he looked odd, and gave me the worst of insults by saying he looked like a CLOWN!!!!!! We all know that clowns are very, very bad, don't we?

Anyway to please my husband I removed the cheeks from Santa, but then came the question about Santa's gloves, were they best red or black? So I did both, lucky you...

Each folder contains, two full Santa images (with red or black gloves) and one Santa Head in PNG format, also two JPEG Digi Stamps of the Santa images for you to colour in. As an added bonus I have included the 'Happy Christmas' word art, in both JPEG and PNG formats, which can be used on any Christmas project.

As I said, the only difference in the two downloads are Santa's cheeks, though you are very welcome to download them both, so you have a choice of which to use. With that said here's the image for the no cheeks folder, I really hope you enjoy either or both, just click the image(s) to go to the download site.

Happy Crafting,


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Jolly Holidays Part Four Freebie

These Christmas Freebies are coming thick and fast aren't they? This is the penultimate one, a chirpy little Robin sitting on a branch. This file comes with 2 coloured robins, one PNG and one JPEG, also included is a JPEG image for you to colour in. I wonder if anyone can guess what image will be the Freebie for tomorrow, the final day of my Jolly Holidays Giveaway Week. I have really enjoyed making these Christmas graphics, and I hope you have found them useful in some way.

Priscilla Update:
Having been on the phone most of today, to various people from 'Mesh Computers', the makers of my new laptop. At one point they even put me on hold and then transferred me to their call centre in India, to be told that, they would get someone from the UK to call me back!!! Nice work in trying to get rid of me guys!!!
Anyway, after a rather angry call to 'Mesh Computers' yet again, poor Priscilla is once more to be boxed up and sent back. They think there might be an internal problem, somehow not spotted in there rigorous tests the last time she was sent in to be fixed!!!
Hopefully this time they will get things right, and I will have a laptop fit and able to make some truly wonderful graphical goodies for you all... I live in hope...

Anyways, I'll stop moaning now, enjoy the Robin freebie and look out Friday for something a little special...

Happy Crafting,


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Jolly Holidays Part Three Freebie

Hello there, today's Freebie is a sweet little Angel who looks like she is singing her heart out. In the folder you have three images, a PNG and a JPEG coloured image and as usual for me a JPEG line art image for you to colour yourself. Just click on the image to go to the download site.

Good news, bad news time... Priscilla, my laptop returned to me today, Yay!! Unfortunately she returned after just under a week away, with the same faults that she went away with, despite assurances that she had been fixed and tested as working, B00!!!

Feel a bit cheesed off with the makers of my computer at the moment, wonder what excuse they will come up with tomorrow when they are supposed to call me back about the situation.

Anyways, enjoy my little Angel, happy crafting,


Monday, 14 September 2009

Jolly Holidays Part Two Freebie

Hi again, well as promised here's another Christmas Freebie. In this file you will find six tree's, one PNG and one JPEG in three different tree's. A decorated Christmas Tree, a coloured Pine Tree and a digi stamp Pine Tree. The Pine Tree images are easy to cut out as well and would make really nice decoupaged images, especially with some snow effect on them.

I also have as a Freebie another tree I made, this one a little more non-traditional in design. This file contains one single PNG image of the tree on the left, minus the writing of course. It is a strange little tree, that you are quite welcome to download, I made it and was not sure about it, my husband saw it and liked it and said put it up. So there it is... Just click the image of the download that you want.

Before I go I would just like to tell you all that I am REALLY pleased to announce that one of my down loadable graphic files has reached the big 100 in the number of people who have downloaded it. It is a great feeling to know so many people have liked my graphics enough to want to have them for their own. Thanks to all those who downloaded George the Owl, now its onwards and upwards to 200 downloads George... well you never know do you!!!

Happy Crafting,


Sunday, 13 September 2009

Jolly Holidays Part One Freebie

Hi all, well this week Christmas has come early to the Crafty Corner, today I present the first part of the Jolly Holidays Freebie Set. In this download you will get three PNG Snowmen images and three JPEG Snowmen images, one wearing green, one wearing blue and the last one is an outline drawing (or digi image) for you to colour or use however you wish. As usual just click on the image above to download the file.

Remember to keep an eye on my blog over the next few days, as there will be more Christmas surprises coming up.

Happy Crafting,


Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Sign From George Freebie

Hi yet again, as I promised in the previous post, here is George the Owl sitting happily on his new perch. In the file you will find a PNG image and a JPEG image, which hopefully will suit all your needs, scrap booking or card making. If you load the image into a graphics program you can write on the sign, or if you prefer you can use peel off stickers or your own handwriting.

George the Owl has been very popular, and I hope this version of him will please you as much. The original George if printed several times makes a rather nice decoupaged topper image I have discovered, the simple design makes him easy to cut out.

As usual just click the image to go to the download site.

That's all for now folks, happy crafting,


Scrapbooking With George.

Hi again, I decided to make a digital scrapbook page using George the Owl, so I had to alter him slightly. So a new Freebie with George on the Signpost will be available shortly.

This scrapbook page was made using Serif's Digital Scrapbook Artist (DSA), a useful little program that makes scrap booking via the computer very easy.

The background to the page came from Joanna Sheen's lovely crafting CD Rom, The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, Disc 2. The frame for the photo and the feathers in the top left had corner are elements that are free with the DSA.

This page was quick and easy to make and can now be printed out to put in a Scrapbook or used online. Also thanks should be given to Stooby my husband who posed in the photo with his lovely owl friend.

Take care all, and Happy Crafting,


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Out with the New and In with the Old

Hi all, well after the happy announcement that I had a brand new laptop for my little graphical drawings, sadly it has had to be returned as it was faulty. That will teach me for bragging to you all. Hopefully it won't be long before it is once more back with me, until then I am once more using my old faithful PC.

Anyway, onto more happier things. This is my latest ATC, which is called 'Birds in Distress'.

To make it I used a cream card with cotton effect embossing on it. I then used Tim Holtz Distressed Ink in the colours Worn Lipstick, Dusty Concord and Faded Jeans, applied straight onto the card from the ink pad. This was rubbed over with a piece of kitchen towel to remove a lot of the ink, leaving a faded look. After that I spritzed the card with water and dried off using a heat gun.
The stamps are from the Tim Holtz Collection N0: 59 Floral Tattoo, which have been stamped using a Versafine Onyx Black Ink pad. I edged the ATC with a Tim Holtz Tea Dye Distress Ink pad, which I faded again using a clean piece of kitchen towel to rub off the surplus ink.
I rounded off the corners of the ATC with 'Xcut Perfect Corner Cutter', a wonderful piece of kit that I highly recommend to anyone, and voila the ATC was finished.

I hope you like the finished result as I really enjoyed getting messy when making it.

Take care all, and Happy Crafting,


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

George the Owl Freebie

Hi all, whilst watching Dawn Bibby on QVC this afternoon, I was in a deep crafty conversation with my sister Carol on the phone. We both liked an owl that was shown on a card, and I said I would have a go at drawing one. So here is the finished result, George the Owl (and NO he does not look like a chicken!!).

The file contains, a coloured PNG image of George, a JPEG Lineart image of George for you to colour in and an A4 sized JPEG Backing Paper that I just made for the fun of it. As usual just click on the image to download it.

I really hope you enjoy this freebie, take care all and Happy Crafting,


Saturday, 5 September 2009

Vase of Flowers Freebie

Hello there, hope you all are having as nice a weekend as I am. To celebrate the arrival of my brand new laptop which will hopefully enable me to draw without my programs suddenly shutting down through lack of memory. A most distressing problem to be sure, hopefully now solved.

Anyway, as I was saying to celebrate I give you all a Vase of Flowers. In the file are one PNG coloured image, one JPEG coloured image, and for those who enjoy to colour images themselves, a JPEG line drawing is also included. There is something for everyone hopefully.

As I made this image this morning I haven't even tried colouring the image with my Promarkers yet, so even I have something to look forward to.

Hope you enjoy the download, just click the image as usual to go to the download site, and enjoy the rest of your weekend as well.

Happy Crafting,


Friday, 4 September 2009

Thank You For Making Me Smile

Hi all, just wanted to put up a quick thank you to all those who have left comments about my downloads. It certainly is really gratifying to find so many people enjoying my graphics, thanks again.

Happy Crafting, Greebs..xx

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Flight Of Dragonflies Freebie

Hello again, today I have not one but two Freebie's for you all. The first is a small collection of four Dragonflies in various colours, as usual they are PNG's so I hope you enjoy having a play.

The second is for those that like to have a go at colouring my images, it's an outline version of my Dragonfly for you. It is a JPG file so all you have to do is print it out and have fun.

To download my files just click on the image you want and it will take you to the download site as usual.

Two Freebie's in one day, what more could you want?

Take care all and Happy Crafting,