Thursday, 29 April 2010

Boltz Freebie

 Hey there, yes it is me, back again with another Critter for you.  This one, as you can see, is called Boltz, and he/she/it is just so excited to meet you. Just click on the image to download the folder which includes, one coloured Boltz image in both jpeg and png format, and of course not forgetting a jpeg Boltz Digi Stamp.

Hope you have fun with this one, and remember you have more Critter Freebies to come.

Happy Crafting,

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Roundel Freebie

Hi all, well as you can see I survived my birthday weekend, which was absolutely fabulous...  I received lots of wonderful presents, ate some brilliant meals, and best of all spent time with some of the nicest people I know.  What more could one person ask for?  Thank you all for your kind wishes, and I love you all...

Today's freebie is part of a set, of what I called 'Critters', so there will be more to follow, you have been warned.  The first Critter is called Roundel, he, she, it, comes to you as a coloured image in both jpeg and png format, and of course a line drawing Digi Image in jpeg format.

Look at that face, doesn't it make you smile, and if the face fails, you have to grin at those huge feet!!?  I hope you enjoy crafting with Roundel, and all the following Critters.

hugs, Greebs..xx

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Blog Tidy

Hi there, this is just a little post to tell you I have been reorganising my labels for my blogs.  Hopefully it will make it a little more easier to find things you are looking for amongst all the freebies I have on offer.

I hope you are well, and happy.  I am very happy as I celebrate my birthday this Sunday, when I officially become the oldest person in the world.  Or at least I feel that way at times... lol. In fact it's going to be a weekend of celebration...  as my birthday fun begins on Saturday.. tee hee... I am so lucky.
Hope you all have as an exciting weekend, happy crafting,

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Candle Power Freebie

Hi all, sometimes you just need something simple in your crafting, and I thought some candles would be very nice and simple, but wonderful to use on birthday creations.  One of the nicest things about Digital Images is that you can resize them really easily, so the candle can become a main focus or smaller embellishments.
In the download you will get 3 coloured candle's in both jpeg and png format, and 3 different Digi Stamp Candles.
I hope you enjoy using these, see you all soon...

Monday, 19 April 2010

Fred the Squirrel Freebie

Hi all, today I have gone a little nutty, or at least my freebie has.  I would like to introduce you to Fred the Squirrel, a guy who always knows where his nuts are.  By clicking the image of Fred you will be able to download the file, which has a coloured image of Fred in both png and jpeg format, and of course a jpeg Digi Stamp for you to enjoy.
This post is short and sweet, rather like me... ho.. ho.. ho...
Take care of each other...


Friday, 16 April 2010

Me Robot Freebie

Well this is it the final part of Spaceman week...  and what else could I give you as a freebie other than a robot, be it a good robot or an evil robot, bent on world domination. This image of course mixes and matches with all the other Out of this World Freebies, and I hope you like it.
In the download you will get a coloured Robot image in both jpeg and png formats, and of course a jpeg Digi Stamp as well.
I hope you have enjoyed these images this week, and are making some cook crafty things with them...  until next time...

May the Craft be With You...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Spaceman Toppers and WordArt Freebie

Wow, this one is a biggie... following my Spaceman theme, here is quite a large download of toppers and wordart images.  I will list what you get so grab yourself a hot beverage and make yourself comfortable.
  • 1 Jpeg Spaceman Topper with Flower Flag
  • 1 Jpeg Spaceman Topper with Blank Flag
  • 1 Jpeg Spaceman A4 Topper Sheet with 2 Toppers (1 Blank and 1 Flower Flag)
  • 1 Jpeg Cheesey Planet Topper
  • 1 Jpeg Spaceman Topper and WordArt A4 Sheet with Flower Flag
  • 1 Jpeg Spaceman Topper and WordArt A4 Sheet with Blank Flag
  • 1 Jpeg Spaceman WordArt A4 Sheet
 That is the first Two Folders in the Download, in the third Folder is Png WordArt, each in two colours.  The Words read...
  • Happy Birthday
  • Best Wishes
  • Beaming In to Say
  • Live Long & Prosper
  • One Small Step and Another Year Goes By
That's it, as I said it is quite large, but I think it is well worth downloading.  All the WordArt Greetings fit nicely on the toppers, and as you can see you can either cut them out from the Jpeg sheets and use them, or use the Png images and create your own.

I have made another label 'Freebie - Out of This World', which you can find in the list on the right hand side of the blog, there you will find other images to mix and match with this set if you so wish.

There is yet another freebie coming up this week so remember to pop back and check later.  

Happy Crafting..

Monday, 12 April 2010

Spaceman Freebie

How many ears has Spock got?   Answer- 3...  A left ear, a right ear and... a final frontier!!!  Ho, Ho, Ho... everyone laughs at the really old joke.  But hey, I am a really old joker so I am allowed... ~grin~

This week I have dedicated to Space, and that's not the place between my ears, but the large blackness above our heads at night, and in the day, but you just can't see it for some reason. Which is odd in itself, but I really don't have the time to perform an investigation at the moment.

Okay, as I said before I started rambling, this week is dedicated to Space, where no one can here you scream, even if you are really bothered by the fact it disappears in the daytime.  Hmmm...

Anyway, to start off the Space theme, today I give you a Spaceman Freebie, In the download you will get 2 different coloured images, both in jpeg and png format, the difference between them is the flag.  You will also get the Spaceman Digi Stamp which is jolly useful for all sorts of things.

Remember a few months back I gave you some Alien Freebies as well and these will go nicely with this weeks offerings...  For those they didn't get them, or are new to my blog here is a list of the Aliens...
Remember to check back all this week folks, as I am quite proud of the offerings I have for you, and I hope you will really enjoy collecting and using them.

Until later...  Greebs..xx

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Jasper the Snail Freebie

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night, depending where you are and when you read this...  hope all is well with you in your crafty world and not so crafty world.  As I sit here writing this the sun is streaming through the window and it looks to be the start of a beautiful day ~fingers crossed~, and this put me in such a good mood that I decided to post a freebie for you all.
So today I would like to introduce you to Jasper, he is a cute and cuddly snail, and as we all know, Snails just love to be cuddled, but not to hard or something quite terrible could happen!!! 
In the download you will receive a jpeg and png coloured image and a jpeg digi stamp of Jasper.  I envision (is that a word and if it is, is that how you spell it?) great things for Jasper, and I hope you enjoy using him.
See you all soon, look after each other,

Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Cubies Freebie

Hi folks, hope you are all enjoying the Easter weekend, I was lucky enough to get some Easter treats and my husband made me a wonderful Quilled Easter Egg, I shall have to take a picture and show it off to you all.
Todays freebie is... well... um...  well...  er...  hmmm... not sure how to explain them, it was just an idea I had, and here are the results.  Hopefully you will find something of interest to do with them, they are fun characters, you must agree...
In the download you get 1 coloured boy Cubie in png and jpg formats, and 1 coloured girl Cubie in png and jpg formats as well.  You can tell them apart as the boy has darker blue eyes than the girl ~grin~...  you also of course get a jpg Digi Stamp of them both.
See you all soon,
hugs Greebs..xx