Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Darwin Arrives...

Hey there, this is just  little post to show you the newest member of our family.  We call him Darwin, he was 13 weeks old yesterday.  So many of you wanted to see a picture of him when he arrived, and I am happy to post one.  His face is a little dirty, as he had not long had breakfast when this was taken, his breeder John gave us some weaning food to comfort Darwin for the first few days.  He is fully weaned, but it just a little piece of familiarity to keep him happy, and boy does he eat it !!!!  I tried him with a bit of banana today, which he promptly threw at the wall,  ah well... maybe next time he will like it more... lol.

Have no fear, I will be posting a new freebie real soon.  Just got to get it sorted out...  been a little busy around here lately...

Happy Crafting...

hugs Janie...xxx


  1. Hello Darwin, what a handsome boy he is!

    Pets really help to make a house a home dont they! And yeah, they're just like kids in that after youve cleaned up behind them they start all over again! lol!

    Keryn (",)

  2. What a handsome boy! As I'm sitting here eating my banana for breakfast, I'm remembering that when my 35 year old daughter was a baby, she never liked anything the first time she ate it. But it was usually okay the second time around!

  3. awwwwa so very cute!!! thank you so much for posting this

  4. What a cutie! Am I correct in thinking the he is an African Grey?

  5. Yes Jaqi he is a Congo African Grey.. 8)

    hugs Janie xxx

  6. He is adorable. Thank you for presenting him.