Saturday, 19 December 2009

A Flock of Cards

Hello all, well guess what, Stuart had a cold and he has kindly passed it on to me, so generous he is.  The only good thing about it, is that I am feeling miserable this week and not next week, well hopefully not next week.
I was feeling down in the dumps until I opend this mornings e-mails and found that Betty Benton had sent me some images of some cards she made using one of my designs, Birds of a Feather.  A very early design of mine, well is was actually the second freebie that I ever did.  Betty used the coloured images in her cards, and they do look really impressive with the white border around, and she has cleverly found some papers that blend really well with the colours I diod the birds in.  As you can see one of the cards is about being 'under the weather', which I thought was very fitting, and Betty didn't even know I was feeling poorly!!!
Thank you Betty, I do so love seeing what you have done with my designs, and hope that other people will be as kind as yourself and show off their creations too.

There will be a new Freebie next time I post, so see you all soon,



  1. I'm sat here with a cold as well so sympathy to you. The cards look great.

  2. WOW the cards look fabulous and the colours are so beautiful!!! I hope you get better soon!!

  3. Betty always comes up with such wonderful card designs. Thanks so much for showcasing her talent for us!

  4. These are absolutely wonderful! Betty does super awesome work!

  5. Aw, these are really cute! Lovely cards, well done Betty, and, hope you're feeling better!!

  6. Wonderful - how lovely Betty's cards are :-) Feel better!