Saturday, 16 January 2010

An Out of this World Card

So what do you think of this bright and cheerful card made by Carol from Bills Favorite Stamper? I love the imagination that went into it, I would never of thought of using Alien Sid as a 'love' card, but doesn't it work a treat?  Thank you very much Carol for sharing this card with us, definately it has given me some inspiration!!

On a totally  un-crafty related note, if anyone is trying to get in touch with me by phone, then I am afraid we have a problem.  BT is trying to fix it, but it may take a few days and until it gets fixed our phone is not working, but oddly the internet is, but not brilliantly.    So if you want to get in touch, use texts, or ring my mobile.  E-mails will get through, but as I said it is a bit hit and miss if we can get online.  Strangely, the engineer from BT left a message on our mobile phone, saying they wanted to come around on Monday afternoon, he said he had tried to phone our landline and couldn't get through!!??!!????  Er...  that is the problem BT....  lol...  got to laugh at times haven't you.

Okay, thats all for now.

hugs Greebs..xx

1 comment:

  1. I could definitely give this card to my grandson, Ashton, and he would adore it!! Carol does great work!