Thursday, 21 January 2010

A Card with a Bear

Just look at this fabulous card made by Betty Benton, aren't those colours perfect?  Betty has her own blog called BeeBee Stamps, and it is full of wonderful cards like the one above.  There main feature of course is one of my images called Wilson the Bear and she has coloured in the Digi Stamp so well.  I love what she has done, it made me smile, and what more compliment can you give a card!!!

Thank you Betty, I really do love to see what people have done with any of my images

Hopefully there will be another freebie later today, so don't move to far...  lol

Hugs Greebs.. xxx


  1. He's a great bear! Ggggrrrr!!The colours are lovely. Thanks for popping, I think I forgot to tell you I've had your jolly snowman on the blog over Christmas, he looks like he's going to come right off the card and start a snow ball fight!! You'll have to give me some tips on bamboo! Only got it yesterday so still learning and not sure what I'm doing yet.Wanted to be able to draw something simple and colour it in Paint (Like I do some of Dustin Pikes) but so far, that's not working, the fill bucket just 'dots' like it does with my ordinary hand drawn makes, and I still haven't worked out how to stop colours mixing! It's like real paint, only it never dries!! Still, it's all good fun!!

  2. This is just so cute. Betty does such nice work. What an adorable image, Janie!

  3. Thank you for featuring my card on your blog, Janie!! Wilson was such a perfect little fellow to play with! And thanks to Carol too, my friend from stampTV!